Online Sessions


Please visit the Emotional Integration or Transpersonal tabs to learn about the type of session you would like to choose for mental health and transpersonal exploration.

Visit the Kriya or Yoga links if you want to learn Kundalini or Hatha Yoga, and the Breath link if you want to learn breathing and meditation techniques to achieve expanded states of consciousness.

Set adequate time for our online session and make sure the place you will be is calm, safe and free of distractions. I recommend that you journal or briefly reflect on what you would like to talk about and work on during our session.

After the session it’s ideal that you take at least 30 minutes to take care of yourself. For some that is a walk, for others it is making art or journaling. This integration period helps you consolidate the work we do together. If you have any questions feel free to schedule a free call or write me a message