Thai Yoga Massage


Thai Yoga Massage is a therapeutic art form that dates back to the time of the Buddha and the teachings of dhamma. In practice, this form of therapy centers around the understanding that the body is composed of 5 elements and we aim to bring these elements to balance through the stretching and massaging of energy lines and points. This type of massage is incredibly effective and aims not only at relaxation but also at balancing the entire being. Traditionally, nuad boran is practiced on the ground on a comfortable mat. Since this style of therapy requires no oil, the receiver can remain fully clothed in stretchy clothes that can allow ease of movement.

My main style of Thai massage is an intuitive approach aimed at opening the energetic channels of the body through very precise tracing of anatomy (physical and energetic) lines and deep focused pressure point therapy. Combined with strategic stretching, my hope during therapy is to offer the body a wider range of experience in sensation and mobility. This style of therapy is powerful and deep and allows for therapeutic pain relief. The road to pain reduction might be slightly bumpy, but with proper awareness and communication with my clients, together we are able to break through the limiting pain that can be impairing for some people.

Whether  aimed at recovering functionality in the body or at easing the mind from the turbulence of a chaotic world, this style of therapy is beneficial on all levels of wellbeing. Nuad Boran incorporates meditation, relaxation, therapeutic soft tissue bodywork, joint mobilization, mantra, and at times simply stillness.