Family Constellations

Sessions are 75-90 minutes. We will briefly talk about what you want to examine deeper in your family system and then begin to constellate.

Zoom and phone sessions are available. Book your free 15-minute consultation to see if we are a good therapeutic fit


In a Family Constellation we find what the main blockage is and trace energetic connections to find a resolution based on compassion, understanding and releasing.

What can we constellate? Family dynamics, romantic relationships, fears, finances, work, spiritual questions, physical and mental disorders, sexuality, etc

Our aim during a session is to bring balance into your family system based on the 3 Orders of Love.

When the family has been brought to its natural order, the individual can feel supported by their family system and move forward in life more easily

Family Constellations transform family burdens into blessings. Unconscious love becomes conscious love



All members of the family belong to the system, no one should be excluded

An excluded family member continues to influence the system by their absence. Their unfinished business shows up in unexpected ways



Each family member has their place and role in the system based on birth order

Sometimes we end up in roles that do not correspond to us.

  • A mother acts like her son’s wife
  • A child becomes caretaker to their parent
  • A husband takes on a paternal role
  • A grandmother raises her grandkids due to absent parents

These types of misalignments can be reconciled in a constellation

3rd Order of Love


There is a natural balance between what is given and what is received. When we give more than we receive or receive more than we give, the system loses balance

Reciprocity is a sacred principle of our reality. When we don’t honor it, it finds a way to balance the scales. In a constellation we can consciously balance it, rather than having the system balance itself unconsciously