1. Yoga is clear, discerning, totally voluntary, dynamic participation in one’s own life. Philosophy in action
  2. Yoga is everlasting, primal, revealing, the archetypal light fueled by love, as valuable and reliable as the sun. It is through love we are found
  3. Yoga is sacrifice that elevates us, motivates us, actively engages us and does so in a manner that is harmonious with all other beings. It is renunciation of something of lower value for something of higher value
  4. Yoga is selfless, cleansing, freeing, balancing, inspiring and joyfully performed: A vision in which one experiences peaceful interconnectedness with life all around us. Yoga cannot be practiced without renouncing selfish motive. One sees the Self present in all beings and all beings present in the Self
  5. Yoga is nourished in the presence of other yoga practitioners, by offerings of love and the understandings they give rise to
  6. Yoga is a heightened sensitivity and awareness of all life around us and within us, and an outpour of love in reciprocity with life’s wonder and beauty

Yoga is union with all. In simple terms, by being aware of all that surrounds us and deliberately creating a mindset that supports communion with our surroundings we are practicing yoga.

Our aim is to develop the awareness through establishing a strong daily practice, such that when we are off the mat we still feel the interconnectedness of it all and we find ourselves cultivating a yogic state of mind even when we are not doing classic yoga practice.

Yoga is so much more than postures.

The science of yoga is divided in 8 branches, learn about them here