Emotional Integration

Sessions are 75-90 minutes. I guide you through relaxation techniques and then we dive into the internal work you need for your personal growth and self-discovery.

Zoom and phone sessions available


This is an invitation to heal your shadow and feel more connected to your Self so you can create conscious actions that are authentic and self-led. You will learn meditation, breathing techniques and skills to manage emotions in a more beneficial way.

The more we explore the nature of reality, the more we become self-aware of what needs to be healed in us in order to move forward in our quest. We all have parts of us that want to be free, to be secure in our choices and decisions and to be clear in our vision… and then we also have other parts that are vulnerable, worried, angry, emotional or doubtful.

The struggle between the many voices pulling us in various directions can feel overwhelming, frustrating and confusing. Perhaps even in your relationships or at work you may feel at odds or stuck and unsure how to move forward.

In session we enter expanded states of consciousness through guided meditation and together we create more coherence between all the parts that make up who you are. The work we do brings integration and wholeness by creating a conscious dialogue with those various aspects of your personality, sorting out the shadow and integrating the light so you can make good use of what emerges during the journeys.

The work is to cultivate presence, love, acceptance and self acknowledgement in a compassionate setting. I hold vulnerability with great respect and aim to honor you where you are, without judgement or pressure. I never impose but only offer guidance and teach you the tools that are resonant to you based on your individual process.