Awaken, then help others awaken

Offerings of gratitude to all my teachers, family members, friends and students for the opportunity to share that which has been shared with me.

The last few months have brought together large classes… very large classes. I am honored to be able to share my dedication with these groups of amazing humans who for a variety of reasons found their way to Thai Yoga Massage. The world needs us, really needs us now.

The practice is all, no students ever became master without practice. No master can honorably hold that title when he or she stops being a student. We are all students of the universe, we get to share our light with others for brief moments of time and allowing ourselves to become wrapped in the ego cheats us of our opportunity to co-create change with another soul.

We are all on this journey together, helping each other along the way, gifting our talents to the world around us and expecting nothing in return. We don’t need to expect anything back, because we trust that the universe knows our deeds. I wish all my students success in their endeavors, health and abundance for their lives and the lives of their relatives and friends.


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