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All sessions are normally 75-90 minutes including consultation and integration but I suggest you set aside a maximum of 2 hours of your time.


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Below you will find descriptions of the types of massage, energy work and ceremony work I offer during in person sessions. I am located near Orlando, Florida. 
Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a therapeutic art form that dates back to the time of the Buddha and the teachings of dhamma. This type of massage is incredibly effective and aims not only at relaxation but also at balancing the entire being. Traditionally, nuad boran is practiced on the ground on a comfortable mat. Since this style of therapy requires no oil, the receiver can remain fully clothed in comfortable clothes that can allow ease of movement.

My main style of Thai massage is an intuitive approach aimed at opening the energetic channels of the body through very precise tracing of anatomy (physical and energetic) lines and deep focused pressure point therapy. Combined with strategic stretching, my hope during therapy is to offer the body a wider range of experience in sensation and mobility.

Whether aimed at recovering functionality in the body or at easing the mind from the turbulence of a chaotic world, this style of therapy is beneficial on all levels of wellbeing. Nuad Boran incorporates meditation, relaxation, therapeutic soft tissue bodywork, joint mobilization, mantra, and at times simply stillness.

Andean Energy Medicine

Andean energy medicine is a type of internal work that has been passed down for generations among the Q’ero people in the high Andes in Peru. It is a type of work that engages us with the subtle reality of the energy that permeates all of creation, kawsay. In native communities, there exists a very evident interconnection with everything in the natural world and the energies that that emanate from the environment are as palpable as the reality we perceive with our senses. The Q’ero people have cultivated a way of working with and understanding our energetic anatomy so we can make best use of the universal energy, become more conscious of the subtle energy that surround us and harness it for healing ourselves and our environment.


We are all energy. The interconnectedness that weave us with all of existence is a field that can be tapped into for healing and redirecting the flows that bring balance to our being. The main healing agent in Reiki is intention. When we sensitize ourselves to feeling the field of energy, we can direct it with positive intention to create a field of healing and positive high frequency vibrations that raise our energetic flow.

I have been practicing Reiki since age 15 and it has been a practice that has guided me to intuitively offer healing through energy work. Though I have studied traditional Mikao Usui Reiki to the level of Master and Universal Unitarian Reiki, I do believe that energy work is an art that develops with practice, trust and intuition and not an academic path laden with certificates and diplomas. I believe we all have the power to harness energy for healing if we set our heart and intention to it

Intuitive Ritual Healing Ceremony

Ritual is a part of being human. It is a practice we have forgotten in our modern progressive culture but that has not been forgotten in other cultures around the world. Ritual practice and setting allows us to step outside of our ordinary life into an extra-ordinary and intentionally created reality where we may develop our vision, work through our struggles and find deeper meaning to our every day lives.

When we set the space to create a ritual, we are opening the space for ourselves to attune to our inner healer. Intention is the most important factor in any ritual you choose to create for yourself, as this is the guiding light of how you see yourself evolving.

As a special treat, I enjoy co-creating ritual therapy where in the course of 4 or 5 hours together we create an offering, altar, invite our allies for healing in the natural world and delve into deep therapeutic space through sacred plants, massage, breath work, movement, meditation, vibrational and sound therapy, sacred geometry or a combination of tools that best suits the set intention (pricing varies, please contact me for more information)