Mantra meditation is incredibly useful for focusing the mind and steadying the concentration. Our mind is almost always focused on external objects; rarely, if ever, does it focus the attention inward. An important tool to turn the untrained mind inwards is mantra sadhana. This is a profound discipline which employs the science of sound vibrations in order to bring body and mind in harmony with each other, and to cultivate balance and stillness. Sound, vibration and prayer have long been known to have a deep and transformative effect on the body and mind and throughout the ages, different spiritual traditions from all over the world have used this science of sound to train, focus and cleanse the processes of the mind.

Meditating with mantra brings us into the healing sound current that permeates all of creation. The essence of infinite wisdom resides in sound, and it is capable of transforming, cleansing, shifting and aligning us wether we chant mentally, outloud or whisper. Mantra science dates back thousands of years, and some mantras have been known to have been received or discovered in the subtle realms by yogis who practiced meditation dilligently.

These sacred sounds have been chanted by practitioners, devotees, monks and nuns, gurus or sadhus for thousands of years and carry a very special essence. By pronouncing these sounds, we awaken the energy held within every syllable that is spoken and immediately we can receive the blessing of its sound.