Structural Energy Awakening

S.E.A. is a system of healing derived from ancient Khmer culture (Cambodia-Thailand region). It follows the energetic pathways that support and nourish the structural system of the body including skeletal, nervous, muscular and soft tissue systems.

The work itself is deep and thorough, during therapy, the whole body will be massaged allowing the energy to naturally return to its proper channels so it may flow with ease. The work can be meditative for both giver and receiver and on a deeper level it may allow the recipient to fully tune into his or her internal processes, thus having a catalytic effect on the entire being from the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

A typical session may last anywhere between 2 and 3 hours of deep massage. The entire work can be completed in one long session or two shorter sessions to allow the receiver to integrate the work.

For booking session please contact: 407.255.0843