Reiki Session

Book a reiki session. In person and distance healing available. I will guide you through your energetic body to release stagnant energy and become more aware of behavior patterns that create energetic disharmony in your life.


We are all energy. The interconnectedness that weave us with all of existence is a field that can be tapped into for healing and redirecting the flows that bring balance to our being. The only requirement for this healing is intention. When we sensitize ourselves to feeling the field of energy, we can direct it with positive intention to create a field of healing and positive high frequency vibrations that raise our energetic flow.

You may have heard something about energy and quantum physics. Based on studies made on energy, scientists have come to understand Light as energy that sometimes behaves like a particle, and sometimes behaves like a wave. What makes energy change behavior? Being observed. You read that right. When scientists observed the experiment the results were consistently different than when they left the experiment unobserved. Among many scientific conclusions, one that is relevant to us is the effect of “observing” and becoming a participant in an energetic process which unequivocally alters the entire field and makes us co-creators of our reality. We can choose to heal energetically with developed awareness and intention.

Particles and Waves

I have been practicing Reiki since age 15 and it has been a practice that has guided me to intuitively offer healing through energy work. Though I have studied traditional Mikao Usui Reiki to the level of Master and Universal Unitarian Reiki, I do believe that energy work is an art that develops with practice, trust and intuition and not an academic path laden with certificates and diplomas. I believe we all have the power to harness energy for healing if we set our heart and intention to it.

I offer Reiki as part of the comprehensive healing work I do, frequently including it during massage and healing work. If you would like to receive Reiki, I invite you to book a session and we can explore the realms of energy work!