Sacred Space


Ritual is a part of being human. It is a practice we have forgotten in our modern progressive culture but that has not been forgotten in other cultures around the world. Ritual practice and setting allows us to step outside of our ordinary life into an extra-ordinary and intentionally created reality where we may develop our vision, work through our struggles and find deeper meaning to our every day lives.

When we set the space to create a ritual, we are opening the space for ourselves to attune to our inner healer. Intention is the most important factor in any ritual you choose to create for yourself, as this is the guiding light of how you see yourself evolving.

As a special treat, I enjoy co-creating ritual therapy where in the course of 4 or 5 hours together we create an offering, altar, commune with the natural plant world as our allies for healing and delve into deep therapeutic space via massage, breath work, movement, meditation, vibrational and sound therapy, sacred geometry or a combination of tools that best suits the set intention.